Who We Are

We are a group of passionate individuals and professionals with a mission to empower youth to achieve their full potential and maximize their success within the education system and beyond.

Our individual life and professional pathways have it that we have access to, and can uniquely leverage, on a network of qualified educators, mentors, influencers and partner organisations in Ethiopia and globally (in and outside of diaspora community) who regularly engage and have interest to engage with youth from Grades 8 and above.

We strive to foster curiosity, creativity and collaboration through our physical hub facility in Addis Ababa (link to video) where educational programs, regular events and networking sessions are held, but also through brokering in and integrating existing partner learning systems and platforms to create and address the full ecosystem of learning.

In this collaborative and knowledge sharing mindset and strategy, we want to bring awareness, the right, curated information and accessibility to educational solutions and mechanisms that assist youth find and achieve their goals in education and well-being in life.

While we focus on academic programs for youth Grades 8 and above across standard examination preparatory packages and international curriculum based booster classes, we have integrated career counseling and mentorship programs that aim to stimulate a holistic and healthy progression of the youth into higher learning institutions and critical success factors for studying abroad. 

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Our Services

School Support

We provide a wide range of standardized support sessions that are tailored to the needs of youth in Grades 6 and up. Our highly experienced instructors provide top-notch sessions that ennsure a students' successful progression throughout a school year. Our classes follow the Cambridge curriculum and emphasize on English, Science, Mathematics and Geography. Supplemental classes can in other fields can also be arranged.

Standard Examination Preps

We provide a wide range of standardized examination support sessions that are tailored to the needs of youth in Grades 8 and up.

Our highly experienced instructors and mentors provide top-notch sessions that ensure a students’ successful progression throughout the school year.

We offer booster classes following the Cambridge international curriculum with a focus on English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. Other subjects and curriculums can also be arranged.

Tutoring & Booster Classes

We currently provide a wide range of Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A level curriculum tutoring and booster classes for Grade 10 -12 youth following the Cambridge curriculum or other looking to take the IGCSE exams privately. The subject focus with licensed teachers available at the center are currently Mathematics, English, Chemistry and Physics but we are able to source other subject educators if there is a demand for those.

Academic Year 2024-2025 we will launch our programs for the French Brevet, International Baccalaureate as well as the Ethiopian curriculum Matric Exam booster and Prep classes.

Advisory Services

We tap into our solid national and international education networks to give expert guidance and contact opportunities that will ensure successful progression into higher education.

Our advisory services rely on standard assessments, extract and define aspirations and provide expert advice and hands on follow-up of all applications.

University Applications

We provide end-to-end support with higher learning / university selection and application processes.

Grants & Scholarships

We provide expert assitance with education grants and scholarship selection and applications.

Networking & Education Fairs

We offer engagement opportunities through education fairs and school visits and networking opportunities.

Exam Prep Classes

We offer quality SAT, ACT, IETLS, PSAT, TOEFL exam preparation classes with our reputable instructors. The course provides complete and in depth overview of test formats, question types, question samples as well as mastery of various strategies that ensure accuracy in tackling questions.

Our packages are for 2 weeks with offerings for 12 hour sessions. Sessions start throughout the year so come and inquire on how to book your spot!






2 weeks / 12 hours / 3 days per week

Standard assessments
Live simulations / mock tests
Group or individual sessions

Highly skilled instructors
Fully equiped facilities
Access to updated resources


Registrations Open

All registrations get one free hour advisory services.


Our aim is to empower youth to achieve their full potential and maximize their success within the education system. We engage youth into peer to peer activities to ensure collaborative skill developments as well as corporate skills.


We offer participation opportunities in group work activities such as the Model UN Debates in which students are exposed to various professional context.

Summer Programme

We offer a Summer program for children aged 12 to 16.


Coworking Spaces

Are you planning a group working session?

We provide space and infrastructure for collaborative sessions. Book your space in advance to ensure optimum setup and delivery.

Our spaces are equiped with internet and classroom equipment such as projectors, screens, boardroom tables and desks. We also provide refreshments upon request.


Tools for success

Looking to expand your reach and tap into your full potential? Join our community today and get access to a meticulously vetted and uptodate selection of official textbooks, exam prep guides and reference books. All our resources can physically be consulted at our centre. Need something we do not seem to have? Get in touch, we have our ways.

Study Books

Official Cambridge comprehensive study books. GCSE prep textbooks and practice sheets.

Exam Prep Guides

We offer access to official and current exam prep guides.

Online Tools

We provide access to known online platforms and tools to facilitate university searches as well as Grant and Scholarships.

Expand Your Reach

Looking to expand your horizons? Join our community today and get access to renowned platforms that will ease your search for: International Universities, Grants and Scholarships as well as specialised training. All our resources can freely be consulted at our centre. We provide customised advice on the use of our resources.

Higher Learning

We provide access to known online platforms and tools to facilitate university research.

Grants & Scholarships

We provide access to known online platforms and tools to facilitate grant and scholarship acquisitions.

Specialised Trainings

We provide access to a wealth of online resources that facilitate remote learning.

Get Started

Book an appointment here.

All youth under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guadian during initial discussions.

All students need to undergo an onboarding evaluation session with our teachers. This session allows us to provide customized and adapted solutions to the needs of each student. Get in touch now to schedule a meetup.

Select specific courses or preps

Sessions can be arranged in person within our facilities or online.

Our sessions can be one on one as well as group based depending on the agreement between our students and teachers.

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